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Fayette County Retired Educators Association (FCREA) is one of 128 local units of the Georgia Retired Educators Association (GREA).

FCREA and GREA are your voices with the state legislature and the Teachers Retirement System. They also keep you informed of changes in the State Health Benefit Plan. 

FCREA follows the mission, purpose, and motto of GREA.​


TO unite retired educators for fellowship, support, and educational/community service and to improve the benefits for all retire educators through cooperation with local, state and national organizations.


TO PROVIDE opportunity for support and fellowship with friends and retired educators.​

TO PROVIDE an organizational framework through which retired educators can continue a life of service to fellow members, their active colleagues, and their communities.​


to community needs and encourage retired educators to contribute their talents and experience to the decision-making processes in their communities.​

TO FAMILIARIZE retired and active educators with benefits of membership in the Local Unit and the State Organization.

FCREA supports local organizations through donations of time and goods.

Fellowship, Support, Service
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