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Fayette County Retired Educators Association Goals
2023 - 2024


  • Support the GREA President's Get on the Bus theme and humanitarian project, Totes for Tots,

  • Increase FCREA membership by10%,

  • Strive to meet the requirements to achieve the GRES Unit of Distinction,

  • Collaborate with the Fayette County Schools System to support schools, teachers, students, and special projects,

  • Implement FCREA community projects by supporting the Fayette County Schools' Teacher Resource Center through donations and volunteering,

  • Encourage members to wear FCREA shirts to meetings, community activities, and/or service projects to create our FCREA brand in the community,

  • Increase member attendance and participation at monthly meetings, and

  • Provide programs to enhance member interaction and benefit the members intellectually, physically, and socially.

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